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  • 7.5 month old beige mosaic / pink white male chinchilla -- dob 7/27/20 -- $550
  • 4.5 month old silver mosaic male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 10/28/20 -- $450
  • (almost) 5 month old white ebony silver female chinchilla kit -- dob 10/24/20 -- $500
  • 4 month old dark ebony female chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 10/24/20 -- $325
  • 1.5 year old tan white female chinchilla w/ unique markings -- dob 9/11/19 -- $500
  • (almost) 4 month old black velvet male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 11/21/20 -- $400
  • (almost) 4 month old white ebony (silver) mosaic male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 11/26/20 -- $450

Chinchillas & Critters Currently Pending
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  • none at this time

This page updated: 3/27/2021

We recently moved to Chesterton, Indiana, about 40 minutes east of the IN / IL border.  We may be able to deliver or meet, depending on your location, for an additional fee.  Inquire if interested.

We require a deposit to place a chinchilla on hold.  Deposits are non-refundable and hold the chinchilla for up to 14 days (during which the chinchilla must be picked up or delivered).

We accept venmo, cashapp, paypal, and cash (preferred) for deposits / payments.  If you need to pay another way, please inquire.

Feel free to email if interested, or text / call (leave a message) 219-789-0026

Chinchilla (and Other Critter) Listings!

White ebony  (silver) mosaic male chinchilla kit (baby)

Born 11/26/20 -- almost 4 months old

Energetic cutie!

Likes to pose, literally, a poser!

Relatively easy to pick up, despite being energetic

Does well with being handled and petted

Moves around a bit when being held, but not overly squirmy

Very curious and wants to check things out!

Super sweet boy


Black velvet male chinchilla kit (baby)

Born 11/21/20 -- almost 4 months old

Very curious

Wants to check everything out

Will come right up to the front of the cage

Relatively easy to scoop up into your arms

Goal in life is not to be held, but to explore!

Does settle down a bit when being held

LOVES exploring!


Dark ebony female chinchilla kit (baby)

Born 10/24/20 -- 4 months old

Very sweet girl!

Will come right up to the front of the cage, and if you give her a moment, may even hop up on your arms!

Super outgoing and friendly

Loves to check out EVERYTHING

Super curious


Beige mosaic (pink white) male chinchilla

Born 7/27/20 -- 7.5 months old

Big for his age

Sweet boy

Relatively easy to catch

Curious and wants to check out surroundings

Likes to tuck his head in the crook of your arm & snuggle 


Silver mosaic male chinchilla kit (baby)

Born 10/28/20 -- 4.5 months old

Silvery with a white tail tip

Pretty easy to scoop up into your arms

Does pretty well with being handled & petted

Wants to look around and explore, but not overly energetic

Curious and sweet 


White ebony silver female chinchilla

Born 10/24/20 -- almost 5 months old

Easy to pick up

Wants to check things out while you're holding her

Likes to look around and explore

Does well with being handled and petted

Curious but relatively calm


Tan white female chinchilla w/ unique markings
Born 9/11/19 -- 1.5 years old

Has to check everything out
Has to explore everything.  Every-thing.
Loves to wall-surf!
Will come right to the front of the cage
Can definitely be scooped up...but her goal in life is NOT to snuggle
Sometimes settles down after holding... sometimes not
Would absolutely LOVE playtime
Wants to be the next Dora the Explorer


Chinchillas & Critters ON HOLD