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Chins listed on this page:

  • 8 week old reverse mosaic male chinchilla kit (baby) -- brother to above -- dob 3/4/21 -- $600   SALE!! $492
  • 1 year old white mosaic Royal Persian Angora (RPA) carrier male chinchilla -- dob 4/30/20 -- $750   SALE!! $615
  • Grandma Mildred -- 11 year old standard grey female chinchilla -- dob 3/9/2010 -- $125  SALE!! $102.50

Chinchillas Currently Pending
--these animals may/may not be up for adoption in the future; if interested, please contact--
  • 1 year old goldbar / Lowe's recessive white female chinchilla -- dob 6/5/20 -- $600   SALE!!  $492 -- on hold w/ deposit for Alyssa F.

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White mosaic Royal Persian Angora (RPA) carrier male chinchilla

Born 4/30/20 -- 1 year old.

Very cute and sweet

Relatively easy to scoop up

Does great with being handled and petted

Curious and likes to explore

Will chill with you for short periods of time

Enjoys checking everything out!

Very sweet boy

Very curious

$750   $615

---more pics below!---

Standard grey female chinchilla -- "Grandma Mildred"

Born 3/9/2010 -- 11 years old

Very sweet girl! 

Does great with being handled and petted

Will chill with you while being handled

Very cuddly and loveable!

Very friendly!

$125   $102.50

Reverse mosaic male chinchilla kit (baby)
--charcoal with white paws/feet and a half-white tail--
Born 3/4/21 -- 8 weeks old

Relatively easy to pick up
Does well with being handled and petted
Sits pretty nicely in your arms while being handled
Settles down even more with handling

$600   $492

---more pics below!---

Chinchillas & Critters On Hold 

Goldbar / Lowe's Recessive White female chinchilla

Born 6/5/20 -- 1 year old

Super super sweet!

Super friendly

Keeps coming to the front of the cage and putting her paws on you -- hard to get good pics!

Un-afraid of people

Does great with being handled and petted

We just LOVE her

$600   $492